Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Path to Power-Performance Series #3

                        Hey, the PowerCycling poster boy is actually on a poster.
                                                Looking good Jeremy !

Going through the Performance Series is kind-of like going to graduate school for the cyclist.  Each and every time you clip into those pedals there is another lesson to be learned and this week the topic is proper pacing.

Ever since I've been working with Jeremy I've only seen Jeremy having one gear and that is to put the pedal to the metal.  In cycling, and especially triathlons the ability to pace yourself is of utmost importance because when you are ultra efficient on the bike you will come off the bike with more energy to give the run and finish strong.  The run just happens to be an area that Jeremy feels he needs to get stronger at if he is going to be more competitive next year.

With PowerCycling you will train yourself to not only be more consistent with the Power that you are producing, but also have a precise and proven game plan going into events.  You will be dialed into the proper intensity that you should be pushing based on what you have actually previously produced through your training, you cannot do this effectively without the Power data that you receive from your training rides.

Jeremy was rock steady with this Tempo ride, as the profile below will verify, and probably mimics a race type of effort for him more than the previous two rides in the Series.  You will notice that Jeremy was able to minimize the fluctuations in his Power even though he was using two different cadence ranges, one high and one low.  The pacing strategy that Jeremy utilized on this ride I believe was the reason why he was able to crush the 10 second sprints throughout the ride and hit over 600 watts on the last six sprints.  If you remember from last weeks ride Jeremy struggled a little in the last 10 minutes of the ride, but not this week, check out that final sprint peaking out at 750 watts !

You've seen Jeremy exhibit some pretty impressive Power on these short sprints, check in next week to see how he handles the sustained sprints of a Level 6 (over 400 watts for him) that last for 2 minutes.  Better carb up for this one Jeremy, as you will be using pure sugar on these burners.

Respect the Ride,

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  1. This was a good ride in terms of taking me out of my comfort zone. Trying to produce consistent power while transitioning from High CAD (90-100) to Low CAD (70-75) becomes increasingly difficult as I began getting tired in the last few sets. I did enjoy the opportunity to really get into it during the standing sprints at the end of each set, but trying to recover during a high CAD tempo effort is a bit of a challenge especially in the last 3-4 sets. I'll be eating my Wheaties this week in preparation for No. 4, looking forward to the challenge!